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Starting Kit

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The following products are included in the Starting Kit:


-Acne & Sensitive Face Cleanser (2 oz.) A sulfate free, sugar based, organic Aloe Vera cleanser loaded with high percentages of botanical ingredients. Organic Geranium produces remarkable results when it comes to eliminating scars and hyperpigmentation. Plant oils maintain integrity of the skin without stripping, and Lavender, Tea Tree, and Oregano effectively eliminate acne causing bacteria. Vitamin C works as a potent antioxidant while Gotu Kola and Burdock root stimulate collagen production. MSM repairs skin damage while driving ingredients deep into the skin for maximum efficacy. Gentle enough to support twice a day washing, and potent enough to garner results.

- Reverse Serum has a wondrously light texture that soaks in quickly and is an absolute godsend for your skin. This intelligent formula is even more effective when paired with one of our creams or lotions.


- Rejuvenating Cream, Beautiful lipids and nutrients infuse this rich nutritive night cream with essentials for your sacred face and body. Slather it on and give your entire body the beauty menu it has been asking for. Suitable for all skin types.


- Moroccan Clay Mask, Beautiful, deep pink schizandra berry extract leads the way in this formula with its astringent properties that allow the skin to hold onto more moisture and remain tighter and more toned. It's rich in crucial vitamins like C and E and helps keep things soft, plump and glowing.


If you would like the Reverse Serum instead of the Radiance Serum, please send us an email or just leave us a note at checkout.

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