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Do skin care products expire?

Do skin care products expire?

Do skin care products expire? 

Whenever we update our skincare products, some products will return to the shelf, and some will come in front. There will be many that will remain unopened for years. The question arises: will skin care products expire?

Yes, the skin care products expire. Over time, the ingredients in our skincare products break down, and their chemical formula changes, affecting the product's effectiveness. These chemical formulations can also be harmful to the skin. Furthermore, expired products can also create an ecosystem of bacteria that is not good for the skin. 

If you want to know about skin care product expiration, how to know if a product is expired or not, and how to extend the longevity of the products, then keep reading. Here we will deep dive into the details of all these aspects, so let's begin. 

Do makeup and skincare products really have expiration dates?

Yes, unfortunately, skin care products and makeup products expire with time. These products will become less effective and get bad for your skin. To safely use every product, it is good to know about the product's expiry date. It's harmful to use products after their expiry date. It is harmful to all types of skin. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you need to be more careful about it.

How to find out you if a product has expired?

Many products show clear symptoms once they expire. And, many products are not easy to spot. So how do you know if a product has expired? To know about your product expiration, check those symptoms.

If you noticed the product showing some discoloration effects. As well as if you see the product seems lumpy or runny with a strange odor, and then the product is expired.
Furthermore, if you notice that the product packaging is warped and has deteriorated, it is time to throw the product.
Powdered makeup products usually have no water in their manufacturing, and these products last longer. Check for preservative-free labels on your product as such a product does not allow any bacteria to grow in it.


With a closer look, let's find out the average life span of different makeup and skincare products.


The regular or waterproof mascara and a gel or liquid eyeliner will last for 4 to 6 months. Do not add water to extend the life of the mascara.
Your stick foundations or anything creamy or liquid will last for about 6 months to 1 year. After this time period, please do not use them.
Powdered-based products can last for 2 to 3 years. It includes all the mineral makeup.



Cleansers: 1 year
Toner's average life is between 6 months to 1 year.
Cleanser's average life is about one year.
All the AHA and BHA exfoliants can last for one year.
 Your lip balm will expire after one year.
All the sample packs will last for one day only.


Here I want to clarify one thing: these are the average lifespan of skincare and makeup products. However, if you feel an odd smell and a change in the product's texture, it's time to throw it out. Odor and texture are basic things to know about the product expiration, so if you feel any of these in your product that it's time to quit at them.

How to Extend the Longevity of Your Products?

Taking care of anything can increase its shelf life. So no matter how long your product lasts, you should handle it properly. If you handle it properly, it will last longer. Here I am going to give some tips about extending your products' longevity.

Do not put fingers directly into your mask jars and face cream. It is one of the unhygienic habits that most of us do. Unhygienic applicators can expose your product to a change in temperature and moisture.
Secondly, be sure to store the products properly at the recommended temperature. Do not store them in too cold and too warm temperatures.
Always use clean applicators and spatula while taking a product from its packaging and applying it.
It is recommended not to touch the product directly.
Most of us store our skin care products in the bathroom, the heat and moisture of the bathroom can impact the formula. It is recommended to store products in cool, dry places that have a consistent temperature.
Do not try to transfer your makeup products from one packaging to another, as it can be unsafe and dangerous for your product formulation.


Is it ever safe to use skincare products that are past a stated expiration date?

An expiration date is an estimation of product expiry from the manufacturers. So it is a good practice to not use the products once they pass their expiration date. Many believe that products usually last longer than the estimated expiry date. Many products keep beyond the date on the packaging. You may have experienced a sum of products that remain effective expiry date.

One thing worth mentioning is if they are still effective; you need to check if your product odor is still the same or if there is any difference. You also need to check the coloring of the product.

If you notice any of these things a little different, then it's the reason to toss the product. So here I will say it's not safe to use skin care products past their expiration date. It becomes especially true if you have sensitive skin. The expired product can develop allergy irritation and skin rashes. So it's always safe to not use such products.  


Like all other products, skin care products also have an expiration date. Using skin care products after the expiry is as dangerous as eating something expired. Expired products and chemical formulas are usually altered or changed and can harm the skin. So it's always safe to clearly know the product's expiry date. Even if you notice fishy smell or changes in the texture of your product, then don't think too much about throwing them away. It's time to replace them with new products.