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Our Story

Aster Raine

MissionWe at Aster Raine believe that less is more when it comes to skin care products. We strive to create products that are effective for all skin types with as few ingredients as possible. Besides helping women feel confident in their own skin, our mission is to be environmentally responsible as well as giving back to women. As a small business, we give a portion of our proceeds to women through education, believing education is vital for the advancement of women. We support educating young girls in developing countries to advance their bright futures and inspire them to be community leaders. This company exists for three reasons. Authenticity, Affordability, and Empowerment. We believe that when women are given the opportunity to improve their own lives, society becomes a better place. Helping women feel confident in their own skin is central to our mission.

Authenticity: We believe our customers care about what they put on their skin. They want to be able to see an ingredient list and know their product has been tried and enjoyed by other people. They want a product that is plant based, that will make their skin feel and look great. We believe this about our customers, because at Aster Raine, we want the same things. Our products were developed and tested with our customers in mind. We personally tested our products on those we love, family and friends, because we want to provide a product inspired by love.  

Affordability: The developers at Aster Raine are hardworking women, some of us are moms. We often sacrifice our own care, as we strive to meet the needs of others. We want our skin care products to be affordable. We want them to feel like a luxury at a bargain price. Our customers are just like us. They don’t want to spend a fortune on skin care either. At Aster Raine, we strive to keep our expenses low, so we can produce high end products at affordable prices.

Empowering the Customer: As women, we all struggle with confidence from time-to-time. Great looking skin can boost our confidence. This product can help women with aging skin look radiant. The more skin is hydrated and retains moisture, the less wrinkles develop. That’s because skin shrinks when it’s dry. Aster Raine uses non-toxic plant-based collagen, to keep skin moisturized and hydrated. This freshly moisturized look can make skin appear supple and glowing.

Empowering Others: There are girls who are smart but don’t have the financial ability to get an education. At Aster Raine we want to help make dreams come true for girls, and we believe our customers want to empower them too.

10% of Aster Raine profits go to help. Currently the donations will go to Remember Nhu. Find out more about this foundation at www.remembernhu.org
Each Year we will choose a new charity which focuses on educating girls, so check back annually to see where a portion of our sales will go.

Product FAQ
Aster Raine is made in Oregon, United States. Our products are natural botanicals, and our key ingredient is collagen extracted from clinically proven ingredients.
Aster Raine customers are women and men of all skin types. Our typical customer is busy and stressed, maybe a little disappointed about life but happy to be alive. She cares about her skin.

Why is our product named Aster Raine? Aster is a strong perennial flower. Like women, it is resilient, beautiful, colorful, and delicate.
Rain falls from the sky regularly in Oregon. It hydrates the ground, the plants, and people as we dance and play outside.
We chose the name Aster Raine, to reflect the beauty of women, moisturized by a kiss from the sky.

About Fatima, Aster Raine Founder: Fatima is a world traveler who came to the United States from the west coast of Africa. She was born in Angola and raised in the Republic of Congo in a city called Brazzaville. She speaks five languages, French, Portuguese, English, Lingala, and Kicongo. And she is learning Spanish. She strives to understand and speak with anyone who crosses her path.
Love brought her to Oregon, because her husband’s home lies in the lush Hood River Valley. Here they raise their adventurous daughters.
Fatima is a lifelong learner. She earned a degree in Africa and has been taking classes in the United States since she arrived. Her hope is to explore, create, and communicate her love for life with as many people as possible. asterraine.com