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Firm & Glow Facial Oil | Rose Hip Seed, Frankincens, Squalane, Pomegranate


Experience the ultimate rejuvenation with our Firm & Glow Facial Oil, enriched with the goodness of Rosehip seed oil, Frankincense, and Squalane serums. This lightweight oil is perfect for year-round use and is ideal for all skin types.

Rosehip seed oil is renowned as a "dry" oil that's lightweight and non-greasy. It quickly absorbs into the skin, where its special fatty acids work their magic by calming irritated skin and restoring balance to your delicate complexion. This fabulous ingredient is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, making it an excellent choice for damaged or aging skin.

Our Firm & Glow Facial Oil also contains Frankincense that provides a host of benefits to your delicate facial tissue. It's known to be an excellent natural remedy for repairing damaged tissue while promoting healthy cell regeneration.

And that's not all - our powerful blend also features Squalane serums which are renowned for their hydrating properties that help lock in moisture so your face stays soft supple throughout the day!

So why not give yourself a well-deserved treat today? Indulge in our Firm & Glow Facial Oil - it’s perfect as part of any skincare routine!

Ingredients: Rose Hip Seed Oil, Squalane, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Extract, Frankincense Oil, Geranium Oil, Leaf/Flower Oil, Matricaria (Chamomilla) Extract.

*This Product is Cruelty Free and Vegan*

Directions:  For best results, after cleansing, apply a small amount of oil and massage into skin daily & night. May also be added to moisturizers or used alone as a serum.

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