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Aster Raine’s Rejuvenate Cream Benefits

Aster Raine’s Rejuvenate Cream Benefits

Aster Raine’s Rejuvenate Cream Benefits

Who doesn’t love a good skin care cream? We know we do, which is why we made one that stands out from all of the others on the market. We understand the importance of skincare and know what it takes to have happy and healthy skin. Quality skin cream can make a world of a difference in your skin's appearance and how you feel.

At Aster Raine, we only use top quality and natural ingredients to formulate our successful skincare line and products. OurRejuvenate Cream is the perfect example of that and is one of our best-selling products. Today we will be talking about why this product works so well and what role the main ingredients play.


Rejuvenate Cream - The Product


Our Rejuvenate Cream serves many purposes. Not only can it be used as both a day and night moisturizer, but it is also an amazing eye cream. It is also both vegan and cruelty-free. Our perfected formula helps reduce the look of wrinkles while naturally hydrating your skin. It also helps with any discoloration including minimizing dark spots and even helps with rosacea. With so many areas covered, it's no wonder this product is a favorite of many.


This multi-functioning cream can be applied to your face, neck, and body at any time of the day. For best results, apply after your usual skincare routine. Our cream can also be worn under your makeup, providing you with a nice smooth and even base. We worked extra hard to make sure that this cream can be used on all types of skin, dry or oily.


Our customers swear by this product and have quickly added it to their daily routine. Here is how our carefully picked ingredients yield such amazing results!




We all know that water is great for your skin and there is a reason they say to drink plenty of it each day. That is why it is one of the top ingredients in our skin cream. Water-based creams tend to work better than oil-based creams in most cases and tend to be a healthier option for your skin


Water-based creams are great because they lock moisture into your skin from within, as opposed to locking it on the surface. Water-based creams are especially good for those who experience dry skin, whether it is in a specific area or all over. It helps to give your skin a more radiant look and prevents dry patches from forming.


Squalane Oil


Squalane is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, meaning it helps get rid of redness and reduce any swelling or puffiness. It will help soften your skin and minimize any dark spots or discoloration. It does all of this without clogging your pores.


Squalane oil is extremely similar to the natural oil that our skin produces, meaning it is not a harsh shock to your skin. It helps to balance and monitor how much oil is produced, ensuring that just the right amount is present to keep your skin in its best condition.




We love having glycerin in our skin cream because it helps lock in moisture and hydrates the skin from within. It does an excellent job at both treating and preventing dry and itchy skin on the face and body.


Glycerin is considered to be a humectant, meaning it gives your skin the ability to naturally retain moisture. This leaves you with both soft skin and a refreshed and glowing look.


Matrixyl 3000


Matrixyl 3000 serves a super important part in making this product as effective as it is. It does an amazing job at repairing existing damage to the skin. It promotes the growth of both collagen and elastin which helps minimize wrinkles and imperfections from the inside out.


While other ingredients out there may do this, they often cause damage of their own over time. Matrixyl 3000 has no side effects and only works to help your skin in the long term. You will be left with younger-looking radiant skin, and of course, a boost in confidence.




Tetrapeptide-30 is great for the skin because it evens out skin ones and breathes life back into it. It also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties to calm your skin. Tetrapeptide-30 also hydrates your skin and is anti-aging, giving you a more youthful glow.


Vitamin C


Vitamin C is perfect for all skin types and has a wide array of benefits. It helps to slow the aging process of your skin and helps prevent damage from the sun over time. Vitamin C is also very good at reducing skin inflammation and can limit the appearance of dark spots, acne, and even wrinkles.


Vitamin C basically does it all and is one of the best things for your skin, regardless of your skin type.




Astaxanthin is what gives this skin cream its orange color. It serves many useful functions for the skin as well. It is known to help reduce the appearance of age spots as well as lock in and maintain the skin's natural moisture.


In a world full of pollution and harmful toxins, this ingredient acts as a shield for your skin. It is known to help protect all skin types from harsh pollution and chemicals that may be in the air. Astaxanthin is a unique ingredient that helps set this product apart from the rest.




These are just some of the ingredients that make up our best-selling Rejuvenate Cream. It is so important to keep your skin hydrated, and lots of skin creams accomplish that. However, our formula is designed to do more than that and help your skin in all areas.


This multi-purpose skin cream will help bring your skin back to life as well as act as a preventative against aging and skin damage. At Aster Raine, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality of ingredients and mastered formulas that are proven to be effective.


This is true of all of our products. Ready to take your skincare to the next level? Shop Aster Raine today!