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Aster Raine’s Rejuvenate Cream Benefits

Aster Raine’s Rejuvenate Cream Benefits

Aster Raine’s Rejuvenate Cream Benefits

Who doesn’t love a good skin care cream? We know we do, which is why we made one that stands out from all of the others on the market. We understand the importance of skincare and know what it takes to have happy and healthy skin. Quality skin cream can make a world of a difference in your skin's appearance and how you feel.

At Aster Raine, we only use top quality and natural ingredients to formulate our successful skincare line and products. OurRejuvenate Cream is the perfect example of that and is one of our best-selling products. Today we will be talking about why this product works so well and what role the main ingredients play.


Rejuvenate Cream - The Product


Our Rejuvenate Cream serves many purposes. Not only can it be used as both a day and night moisturizer, but it is also an amazing eye cream. It is also both vegan and cruelty-free. Our perfected formula helps reduce the look of wrinkles while naturally hydrating your skin. It also helps with any discoloration including minimizing dark spots and even helps with rosacea. With so many areas covered, it's no wonder this product is a favorite of many.


This multi-functioning cream can be applied to your face, neck, and body at any time of the day. For best results, apply after your usual skincare routine. Our cream can also be worn under your makeup, providing you with a nice smooth and even base. We worked extra hard to make sure that this cream can be used on all types of skin, dry or oily.


Our customers swear by this product and have quickly added it to their daily routine. Here is how our carefully picked ingredients yield such amazing results!




We all know that water is great for your skin and there is a reason they say to drink plenty of it each day. That is why it is one of the top ingredients in our skin cream. Water-based creams tend to work better than oil-based creams in most cases and tend to be a healthier option for your skin


Water-based creams are great because they lock moisture into your skin from within, as opposed to locking it on the surface. Water-based creams are especially good for those who experience dry skin, whether it is in a specific area or all over. It helps to give your skin a more radiant look and prevents dry patches from forming.


Squalane Oil


Squalane is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, meaning it helps get rid of redness and reduce any swelling or puffiness. It will help soften your skin and minimize any dark spots or discoloration. It does all of this without clogging your pores.


Squalane oil is extremely similar to the natural oil that our skin produces, meaning it is not a harsh shock to your skin. It helps to balance and monitor how much oil is produced, ensuring that just the right amount is present to keep your skin in its best condition.




We love having glycerin in our skin cream because it helps lock in moisture and hydrates the skin from within. It does an excellent job at both treating and preventing dry and itchy skin on the face and body.


Glycerin is considered to be a humectant, meaning it gives your skin the ability to naturally retain moisture. This leaves you with both soft skin and a refreshed and glowing look.


Matrixyl 3000


Matrixyl 3000 serves a super important part in making this product as effective as it is. It does an amazing job at repairing existing damage to the skin. It promotes the growth of both collagen and elastin which helps minimize wrinkles and imperfections from the inside out.


While other ingredients out there may do this, they often cause damage of their own over time. Matrixyl 3000 has no side effects and only works to help your skin in the long term. You will be left with younger-looking radiant skin, and of course, a boost in confidence.




Tetrapeptide-30 is great for the skin because it evens out skin ones and breathes life back into it. It also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties to calm your skin. Tetrapeptide-30 also hydrates your skin and is anti-aging, giving you a more youthful glow.


Vitamin C


Vitamin C is perfect for all skin types and has a wide array of benefits. It helps to slow the aging process of your skin and helps prevent damage from the sun over time. Vitamin C is also very good at reducing skin inflammation and can limit the appearance of dark spots, acne, and even wrinkles.


Vitamin C basically does it all and is one of the best things for your skin, regardless of your skin type.




Astaxanthin is what gives this skin cream its orange color. It serves many useful functions for the skin as well. It is known to help reduce the appearance of age spots as well as lock in and maintain the skin's natural moisture.


In a world full of pollution and harmful toxins, this ingredient acts as a shield for your skin. It is known to help protect all skin types from harsh pollution and chemicals that may be in the air. Astaxanthin is a unique ingredient that helps set this product apart from the rest.




These are just some of the ingredients that make up our best-selling Rejuvenate Cream. It is so important to keep your skin hydrated, and lots of skin creams accomplish that. However, our formula is designed to do more than that and help your skin in all areas.


This multi-purpose skin cream will help bring your skin back to life as well as act as a preventative against aging and skin damage. At Aster Raine, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality of ingredients and mastered formulas that are proven to be effective.


This is true of all of our products. Ready to take your skincare to the next level? Shop Aster Raine today!


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The Ultimate Guide to Our Rejuvenate Cream, best day, night and eye cream.

The Ultimate Guide to Our Rejuvenate Cream

The Ultimate Guide to Our Rejuvenate Cream

Who doesn’t want to wake up with rejuvenated skin every morning? Some people believe they need a complicated skincare routine to take care of their skin, but you don’t need to include several creams and serums to have a routine that keeps your skin looking and feeling fabulous. Think about it: how many skin care products make up your skincare routine? Life is complicated — but your skincare doesn't have to be! 

Aster Raine’s Rejuvenate Cream is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. We found the perfect recipe for an all-in-one moisturizer, dark spot corrector, and eye cream by blending the finest ingredients. Let’s take a deep dive into everything you should know about your new favorite hydrating moisturizer :


What Are the Ingredients?

We believe that skincare is an intentional form of self-care, so it was important for us to find the best ingredients to create a hyper-beneficial rejuvenating cream. Our Rejuvenate Cream features many notable ingredients that you’ve likely heard of: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, argan oil, and cocoa butter.

Need a little refresher? Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally-occurring substance that’s found in the body. When applied to the face, HA will deeply hydrate the skin’s outer layers and promote the growth of collagen (which makes your face appear plumper).

Did you know that the skin is the body’s largest organ? As you can imagine, your body doesn’t just benefit from vitamin C when it’s orally ingested. Your skin will thank you for applying vitamin C to your face! We’ve placed this ingredient into our Rejuvenate Cream because it helps keep the skin firm, smooth, and healthy.


If you’re prone to breaking out, you likely know the fantastic benefits of argan oil! This oil has anti-sebum effects, so it helps control the amount of sebum on the skin. Sebum is an oily substance that’s created by the sebaceous glands (the same glands that produce sweat). While the right amount of sebum will protect and moisturize the skin, too much of it will cause unwanted acne. Argan oil helps the skin maintain the right levels of sebum.

You’ve heard of cocoa butter — but have you heard how amazing it is for your skin? Since cocoa butter is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, it makes for an amazing moisturizer that naturally helps lighten dark spots on the skin. It’s perfect for sensitive skin because it’s used to heal sensitive and reduce facial scarring. We intentionally selected cocoa butter to put into our Rejuvenate Cream, so it could be paired with other beneficial ingredients to reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It also helps calm down rosacea! 

The Ingredients Doesn’t Stop There

Your skincare routine will feel much more relaxing and simplistic when incorporating the Rejuvenate Cream as your new daily moisturizer and undereye cream — but that doesn’t mean the ingredient list is simple! We’re a team of skincare experts that knew exactly what we needed to formulate the best day and night cream. 

While you’ve likely heard of the four ingredients listed above, there are a few other necessary ingredients you’ve probably never heard of: astaxanthin, squalane oil, niacinamide, tetrapeptide-30, and matrixyl 3000. 

If you’ve seen photos of the product, you've likely noticed the orange color. The color stems from astaxanthin — known to lighten the skin, reduce fine lines, and repair DNA damage from the sun. Squalane oil helps protect the skin from excess oil and contributes to smoother-looking skin. Niacinamide and tetrapeptide-30 work to brighten, tighten, and hydrate the skin. Matrixyl 3000 is just a blend of two peptides that encourage the skin to restore and repair itself — promoting healthy and youthful skin!

The Benefits

Our Rejuvenate Cream is jam-packed with unique ingredients that each have their own benefits, so we know it can get a bit overwhelming reading about every ingredient we’ve blended into the product. Aster Raine’s Rejuvenate Cream is the best moisturizer because it will smoothen, brighten, and nourish your skin down to the deepest layer.

The skin has three layers: the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. While most skin care products only penetrate the epidermis and dermis, specific ingredients can reach the hypodermis due to their molecular structure. Dr. Marina Peredo, a board-certified dermatologist at Skinfluence NYC, says, “Skincare products that include ingredients with very small molecules, such as vitamin C, have the ability to penetrate the skin.” Even your deepest layer of skin benefits from our Rejuvenate Cream — especially because of the vitamin C!

Why worry about managing various skin care products to maintain healthy skin? Our Rejuvenate Cream contains all the essential ingredients you need to keep your skin bright, healthy, and firm. 

How Often Do I Use It?

This isn’t one of those skincare products you need to use every other Wednesday night. You no longer need a slew of serums when you can use the Rejuvenate Cream morning, noon, and night. No matter your skin type — dry, oily, or normal — you can use this product whenever your skin needs a little pick-me-up.

If you’re looking for a daily moisturizer that goes the extra mile, we recommend applying our Rejuvenate Cream twice daily. It’s best to apply the Rejuvenate Cream after cleansing your face, using a toner, and then applying a serum.

Please don’t forget to follow the Rejuvenate Cream with sunscreen if you’re doing a morning skincare routine. If you’re applying the Rejuvenate Cream at night, it should be the final step of your nightly routine. Moisturizers are fantastic because they lock in all of the beneficial ingredients used during the entirety of your skincare routine. You should begin to see results within a couple of weeks!

Pro tip: our Rejuvenate Cream also works wonders on your neck, hands, and body.


Your New Favorite Moisturizer

Here’s the thing: not only have you found your new favorite face moisturizer, but you’ve found a moisturizer that also acts as a skin tightening and anti-aging cream. Who knew achieving healthy, hydrated, and smooth skin could be this easy? We sure did! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your newest skincare obsession.

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How to apply skincare products the right order?

How to apply skincare products the right order?

How to apply skincare products the right order?

We all spend so much on our skin care products. However, if you do not use the right order to apply your skin care products, you will not see the effectiveness of your products. For the maximum results and the product impact, you need to apply all the skin care products properly.

I am not saying to follow a three-step routine or 10 simple step routine here. The point is the right order to apply each of your products matters most. If you are unsure about your skin care products order, keep reading. In detail, I will explain the right order of skin care products application in the morning and evening. So let's begin.

What Order to Apply Your Skincare Products in the evening?

At night, first of all use makeup remover and use a gentle face wash to remove all the makeup.  Once you remove all your makeup, it's time to clean all your face with a water based cleanser. You can use warm water in the morning and just a robust cleanser in the evening. It is especially true if you have oily skin.

The next step is the serum. The serum is the most recommended skin care product. You can provide all the nutrients to your skin by using a few drops of serum. There are different types of serums that you can use whether you are planning to reduce oil production, increase Skin fairness, or if you want to improve texture irregularities. If you have no skin problems, vitamin C serum is the most recommended type of serum for your skin.

Face oil is another important milestone in your skin care products. Face oils will lock moisturizer and your serum in the skin. It will not penetrate the skin, but It  will protect it. While using face oil, you can get a nicer glow on your face.

If you have oily skin, you can skip this step. However, if you still want to add them, you can add rosehip to your skin product routine as it decreases oil production.

What Order to Apply Your Skincare Products in the Morning?

In the morning first of all use a gentle face wash to clean the face. If you use face oil in your nighttime routine, use an oil cleanser in the morning. It is also recommended for those who have dry skin to use an oil cleanser. An oil cleanser will hydrate your skin, and will make it clear from nighttime products and sweat. 

For the proper hydration and suppleness of your skin, a hydrating toner is the key. Apply your hydrating toner or serum with your hand and pat it into your skin.

In the morning routine, you can use Vitamin C serum. I am not getting you bound with Vitamin C. You can also use whatever type of serum is best for your skin. If you love applying the serum, I recommend applying a hydrating serum after the treatment.

Next step is to apply sunscreen. If your moisturizer has SPF, then you can skip this step. If it doesn't, then you need to apply sunscreen. I recommend using 30 SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh rays.  Now you can apply your normal makeup products.

What will happen if you will not apply skincare products correctly?

Are there any side effects if I do not apply my skincare products correctly? What will happen if you will not apply skin care products correctly? The first and foremost thing is that your skin care products will not give you that effectiveness as it should if you apply them wrong. However, there are many other disadvantages of not applying skin care products correctly. Let's find out.

Not penetrate fully: First and foremost disadvantage is that your skin products will not penetrate your skin if applied in the wrong order. It is especially true if you put water based or very thin products on your skin after the creamy or oily products. In this way, these products will not penetrate the skin and will form a barrier on your skin, preventing it from the full results.

Less effective: If your product does not penetrate your skin, ultimately, the product will not be able to give good results and benefits. Furthermore, when you put many ingredients together, some of them get deactivated and can form a new one. In this way, you can also get a chemical reaction. So instead of getting good results, you can make it worse.

Harm to your skin: As we mentioned, when you apply products together, they can form new ingredients due to chemical formulation. New Formulas can be dangerous to your skin. Moreover, if you use products out of order, you can also create new skin issues. For instance, if you apply serums on the oils then you can feel your skin get dried. When the serum is on the oil, it will not penetrate, and your skin will not get nutrients and enough water and will get dehydrated. And if you are using sunscreen first and then applying serums and creams, you will disturb the coverage and dilute sunscreen protection. All these things will take you towards serious skin issues and problems.

If your skin is acne prone and oily, then the order to apply skin care products correctly should be followed with more attention. The reason is that the acne-prone skin already has skin problems, and if you do not take care of it, while trying different products you can end up with the worst result.



Properly applying skin care products is mandatory for effectiveness. So it is always good to spend some time and find the right order to apply skin care products. Here, I mention applying skin care products in morning and evening routines in this article with the right and recommended order. I hope this information will be helpful to you.

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Do skin care products expire?

Do skin care products expire?

Do skin care products expire? 

Whenever we update our skincare products, some products will return to the shelf, and some will come in front. There will be many that will remain unopened for years. The question arises: will skin care products expire?

Yes, the skin care products expire. Over time, the ingredients in our skincare products break down, and their chemical formula changes, affecting the product's effectiveness. These chemical formulations can also be harmful to the skin. Furthermore, expired products can also create an ecosystem of bacteria that is not good for the skin. 

If you want to know about skin care product expiration, how to know if a product is expired or not, and how to extend the longevity of the products, then keep reading. Here we will deep dive into the details of all these aspects, so let's begin. 

Do makeup and skincare products really have expiration dates?

Yes, unfortunately, skin care products and makeup products expire with time. These products will become less effective and get bad for your skin. To safely use every product, it is good to know about the product's expiry date. It's harmful to use products after their expiry date. It is harmful to all types of skin. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you need to be more careful about it.

How to find out you if a product has expired?

Many products show clear symptoms once they expire. And, many products are not easy to spot. So how do you know if a product has expired? To know about your product expiration, check those symptoms.

If you noticed the product showing some discoloration effects. As well as if you see the product seems lumpy or runny with a strange odor, and then the product is expired.
Furthermore, if you notice that the product packaging is warped and has deteriorated, it is time to throw the product.
Powdered makeup products usually have no water in their manufacturing, and these products last longer. Check for preservative-free labels on your product as such a product does not allow any bacteria to grow in it.


With a closer look, let's find out the average life span of different makeup and skincare products.


The regular or waterproof mascara and a gel or liquid eyeliner will last for 4 to 6 months. Do not add water to extend the life of the mascara.
Your stick foundations or anything creamy or liquid will last for about 6 months to 1 year. After this time period, please do not use them.
Powdered-based products can last for 2 to 3 years. It includes all the mineral makeup.



Cleansers: 1 year
Toner's average life is between 6 months to 1 year.
Cleanser's average life is about one year.
All the AHA and BHA exfoliants can last for one year.
 Your lip balm will expire after one year.
All the sample packs will last for one day only.


Here I want to clarify one thing: these are the average lifespan of skincare and makeup products. However, if you feel an odd smell and a change in the product's texture, it's time to throw it out. Odor and texture are basic things to know about the product expiration, so if you feel any of these in your product that it's time to quit at them.

How to Extend the Longevity of Your Products?

Taking care of anything can increase its shelf life. So no matter how long your product lasts, you should handle it properly. If you handle it properly, it will last longer. Here I am going to give some tips about extending your products' longevity.

Do not put fingers directly into your mask jars and face cream. It is one of the unhygienic habits that most of us do. Unhygienic applicators can expose your product to a change in temperature and moisture.
Secondly, be sure to store the products properly at the recommended temperature. Do not store them in too cold and too warm temperatures.
Always use clean applicators and spatula while taking a product from its packaging and applying it.
It is recommended not to touch the product directly.
Most of us store our skin care products in the bathroom, the heat and moisture of the bathroom can impact the formula. It is recommended to store products in cool, dry places that have a consistent temperature.
Do not try to transfer your makeup products from one packaging to another, as it can be unsafe and dangerous for your product formulation.


Is it ever safe to use skincare products that are past a stated expiration date?

An expiration date is an estimation of product expiry from the manufacturers. So it is a good practice to not use the products once they pass their expiration date. Many believe that products usually last longer than the estimated expiry date. Many products keep beyond the date on the packaging. You may have experienced a sum of products that remain effective expiry date.

One thing worth mentioning is if they are still effective; you need to check if your product odor is still the same or if there is any difference. You also need to check the coloring of the product.

If you notice any of these things a little different, then it's the reason to toss the product. So here I will say it's not safe to use skin care products past their expiration date. It becomes especially true if you have sensitive skin. The expired product can develop allergy irritation and skin rashes. So it's always safe to not use such products.  


Like all other products, skin care products also have an expiration date. Using skin care products after the expiry is as dangerous as eating something expired. Expired products and chemical formulas are usually altered or changed and can harm the skin. So it's always safe to clearly know the product's expiry date. Even if you notice fishy smell or changes in the texture of your product, then don't think too much about throwing them away. It's time to replace them with new products.


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Face oil benefits | How to use face oils

Face oil benefits | How to use face oils

Face oil benefits | How to use face oils

Our skin produces its own magical moisturizing ingredient known as sebum. Produced by the oil glands in our face, sebum contains a complex composition of lipids, fatty acids, wax esters, squalene, and a mix of cholesterols. These components work together to moisturize the skin and defend the body against harmful bacteria, making it our bodies first line of defense.

Face oils mimic our own natural sebum, helping to moisturize the outer layers of the skin.  By forming a protective, occlusive barrier that helps prevent water loss both from the environment, as well as helping to keep existing water levels trapped in the top layers of the skin, face oils can be very supportive for your skin’s health.  

Face oils also contain fat soluble vitamins and antioxidants, helping to further strengthen and support your skin. In addition to using as a moisturizer, face oils can actually help balance excessive sebum production. 

Face Oils can be incorporated at almost any step of your routine, either on its own or layered with additional products.

One of my favorite ways to use it is to apply 1-2 drops to my daily moisturizer. To use, simply dab, or pat the oil into your skin, as this allows for better permeation.

Because face oils contain a mix of concentrated ingredients, a little bit goes a long way. 1-3 drops is enough to deliver the benefits your skin needs.

Aster Raine’s  Firm & Glow Facial Oil is a light weight oil that is great for all skin types and can be used both day and night. Rosehip seed oil is considered a "dry" oil because it doesn't leave an oily finish on the face. Instead, it rapidly absorbs into the skin where the special fatty acids get to work calming irritated and out of balance skin. Rich with antioxidants like vitamin C, it is a fabulous oil for damaged and aging skin. Geranium is expert at repairing damaged tissue.


 *Rose Hip oil contains Vitamin A, so you may want to alternate on the nights you are using a topical retinol product.*


Article written by Tina Hightower 

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