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How to apply skincare products the right order?

How to apply skincare products the right order?

How to apply skincare products the right order?

We all spend so much on our skin care products. However, if you do not use the right order to apply your skin care products, you will not see the effectiveness of your products. For the maximum results and the product impact, you need to apply all the skin care products properly.

I am not saying to follow a three-step routine or 10 simple step routine here. The point is the right order to apply each of your products matters most. If you are unsure about your skin care products order, keep reading. In detail, I will explain the right order of skin care products application in the morning and evening. So let's begin.

What Order to Apply Your Skincare Products in the evening?

At night, first of all use makeup remover and use a gentle face wash to remove all the makeup.  Once you remove all your makeup, it's time to clean all your face with a water based cleanser. You can use warm water in the morning and just a robust cleanser in the evening. It is especially true if you have oily skin.

The next step is the serum. The serum is the most recommended skin care product. You can provide all the nutrients to your skin by using a few drops of serum. There are different types of serums that you can use whether you are planning to reduce oil production, increase Skin fairness, or if you want to improve texture irregularities. If you have no skin problems, vitamin C serum is the most recommended type of serum for your skin.

Face oil is another important milestone in your skin care products. Face oils will lock moisturizer and your serum in the skin. It will not penetrate the skin, but It  will protect it. While using face oil, you can get a nicer glow on your face.

If you have oily skin, you can skip this step. However, if you still want to add them, you can add rosehip to your skin product routine as it decreases oil production.

What Order to Apply Your Skincare Products in the Morning?

In the morning first of all use a gentle face wash to clean the face. If you use face oil in your nighttime routine, use an oil cleanser in the morning. It is also recommended for those who have dry skin to use an oil cleanser. An oil cleanser will hydrate your skin, and will make it clear from nighttime products and sweat. 

For the proper hydration and suppleness of your skin, a hydrating toner is the key. Apply your hydrating toner or serum with your hand and pat it into your skin.

In the morning routine, you can use Vitamin C serum. I am not getting you bound with Vitamin C. You can also use whatever type of serum is best for your skin. If you love applying the serum, I recommend applying a hydrating serum after the treatment.

Next step is to apply sunscreen. If your moisturizer has SPF, then you can skip this step. If it doesn't, then you need to apply sunscreen. I recommend using 30 SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh rays.  Now you can apply your normal makeup products.

What will happen if you will not apply skincare products correctly?

Are there any side effects if I do not apply my skincare products correctly? What will happen if you will not apply skin care products correctly? The first and foremost thing is that your skin care products will not give you that effectiveness as it should if you apply them wrong. However, there are many other disadvantages of not applying skin care products correctly. Let's find out.

Not penetrate fully: First and foremost disadvantage is that your skin products will not penetrate your skin if applied in the wrong order. It is especially true if you put water based or very thin products on your skin after the creamy or oily products. In this way, these products will not penetrate the skin and will form a barrier on your skin, preventing it from the full results.

Less effective: If your product does not penetrate your skin, ultimately, the product will not be able to give good results and benefits. Furthermore, when you put many ingredients together, some of them get deactivated and can form a new one. In this way, you can also get a chemical reaction. So instead of getting good results, you can make it worse.

Harm to your skin: As we mentioned, when you apply products together, they can form new ingredients due to chemical formulation. New Formulas can be dangerous to your skin. Moreover, if you use products out of order, you can also create new skin issues. For instance, if you apply serums on the oils then you can feel your skin get dried. When the serum is on the oil, it will not penetrate, and your skin will not get nutrients and enough water and will get dehydrated. And if you are using sunscreen first and then applying serums and creams, you will disturb the coverage and dilute sunscreen protection. All these things will take you towards serious skin issues and problems.

If your skin is acne prone and oily, then the order to apply skin care products correctly should be followed with more attention. The reason is that the acne-prone skin already has skin problems, and if you do not take care of it, while trying different products you can end up with the worst result.



Properly applying skin care products is mandatory for effectiveness. So it is always good to spend some time and find the right order to apply skin care products. Here, I mention applying skin care products in morning and evening routines in this article with the right and recommended order. I hope this information will be helpful to you.